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Natural Rights

Frederic Edwin Church - Parthenon

The emergence of modern democracy can be dated back to the intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century. In a break from nearly all of human history, dominated by thrones and despotes, the people demanded more of their government. They believed that they had a say in the state, and if the […]


Albert Bierstadt - Tropical Landscape with Fishing Boats in Bay

Political parties are the monopolies of our democracy. In theory, this system would provide freedom yet order, inclusiveness yet efficiency, leadership yet accountability. However, the practice has rarely matched the theory. All definitions of democracy have a main theme: that power is exercised by the people. In reality though, power is exercised by those who […]


Albert Bierstadt - The Shore of the Turquoise Sea

In the building of our societies, our will is represented by professional policy makers. Essentially, representative democracy is a compromise between direct democracy and oligarchy. Even though our governments are still hierarchical and governed top-to-bottom, we now elect those who rule and expect them to ensure minority representation, be knowledgeable of the societal issues, and […]


Democracy is not voting. It is a system of governance that bestows the power on the population. The method we conceived in order to achieve this is through voting; however, it must be understood that a method is different from a system. So far, the only tool available for the people to express their will […]

Demos & Kratos

Rudolf Müller - View of the Acropolis from the Pnyx

A sequence of events allowed the birth of democracy in ancient Athens; the reforms of Solon which weakened the aristocracy and redefined citizenship, their reinstatement by Cleisthenes after the oligarchy reemerged, and the shrinkage of the power of Areopagus by Ephialtes, all leading to the flourishing of democracy during the time of Pericles. Giants stepped […]


Albert Bierstadt -Minnehaha Falls

Since the dawn of time, we humans have been governed by a small group of individuals who would, most of the time, unethically force their way to the top so as to grab that privilege. History has shown time after time that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, those rulers would exploit their given power […]

Soundness of Direct Democracy

Soundness of Direct Democracy

While many agree upon the notion that freedom and democracy are two inseparable terms, (as in you can’t have one without the other), while most nations worldwide pride themselves in their achievements as liberal societies, while most wide affecting decisions are taken in some form of a collective process, there has always been a few […]


Martin Johnson Heade - Newburyport Meadows

This is our first post. We have begun. We currently are unknown, but hopefully this will change soon. This blog is made to connect us with our members and familiarize them with our philosophy. Since this is the beginning, I should say a few words about the history behind this foundation. My name is Georgios […]