Epitome is an online platform of mass deliberation and consensus decision-making, that enables large groups to simultaneously communicate and develop proposals to reported issues.

Users are able to identify issues, crowdsource solutions, collectively improve them, and finally select the ones they prefer the most. This whole process is managed entirely by the members, eliminating needs for representatives, administrators or intermediates of any kind.

A demonstration of Epitome
A demonstration of Epitome

Societies, universities, corporations, organizations, and in general any form of community can use Epitome as their decision-making tool. The platform automatically adjusts to the initially-implemented population size, and continuously scales and adapts to altered parameters. Epitome is not a closed and final product, but a collection of numerous, out-of-the-box options and systems for societies and communities to customize to their own accord.

Users are not forced to vote between predefined options but can propose and amend solutions, provide feedback, and give their support. In the deliberation section, the focus lies more on the quality of the ideas and less on the individuals behind them. Abuse such as explicit language and spam is filtered out by peer evaluation.

But best of all – Epitome is libre software; free as in freedom.

Epitome is in an early developmental stage and it will be released along with its source code in due time. You can take a look at the projected roadmap of Epitome.

Click the image above to download and read our whitepaper.

Frederic Edwin Church – Cotopaxi