This is our first post. We have begun. We currently are unknown, but hopefully this will change soon. This blog is made to connect us with our members and familiarize them with our philosophy. Since this is the beginning, I should say a few words about the history behind this foundation.

My name is Georgios Mavropalias. I conceived the idea of online direct democracy back in 2009. Excitement and hope grasped me when I realized something different, something truer is possible. I later found out that there have been many theoretical references and practical implementations of this idea before it came to me, but since I had no external influence, the inspirational boost motivated me to dig deep. I began looking for similar ideas on the internet, stumbling upon many. I recall back then, the few scarce videos and articles spread throughout the internet, hidden like small gems in its outer corners; neglected and ignored. In the following months I had mined a decent amount of information from the mavericks of the time, regarding the technology, security and requirements that could render the construction of such a platform feasible. However, a handful of academics and experts argued that total security in an online voting system is impossible and it will be always vulnerable to intrusion. I was discouraged, and left it altogether. That was a mistake.

Some years later in 2013, I decided to revisit the subject. I investigated the internet once more and created a small book titled “The Blueprint of e-Democracy”. The book was a collection of ideas to enrich the functions of a future direct democracy platform, and the steps that could be taken in order to introduce it in our nations. I wrote it in an effort to spread awareness and help the different parties and communities, that had already formed at that time, become more popular. I saw different groups establishing political parties that promised to bring about change and direct democracy and I rest assured that this was well underway. That was a second mistake.

Two years later in 2015, political and social unrest are on an all-time high. The people are suffocating by the pronounced corruption and ineptitude of the politicians. In the midst of this crisis, along with two similar minded people, Panagiotis Tokmakidis and Pavlos Boudagidis, we decided to create this institution, the Democracy Foundation, in order to coordinate and empower the momentum of this effort to evolve our societies into democracies. Thankfully, our building materials are dedication, passion and trust.

We decided to begin building reliable, fully featured and adaptable systems for societies. Direct democratic communities need to have solid instruments if we expect them to have a meaningful impact. We are not fortunate enough to have the millions of funding, the dozens of developers or the great network of connections that similar projects have, but we will grow our own community and our own sphere of collaboration no matter how small, no matter how long it will take.

There is no more room for mistakes. This time, we will walk the distance. We may be greatly opposed, hated, or outright ignored. We may gain zero popularity throughout our journey. But even if we accelerate slightly the realization of democracy, we have succeeded. All that matters is democracy. All that matters is freedom. There can be no true progress without freedom.

– Georgios Mavropalias

Martin Johnson Heade – Newburyport Meadows