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How will we benefit in a Direct Democrac...

The people will be able to propose and decide almost everything. Politicians, lobbying, and corruption will dictate the future no more. Increased transparency. Decisions are not made behind closed doors. There is a vastly greater array of opinions and minds contributing to the state and building the future Truly representative. The entire population is participating […]

Won’t politicians or big corporations tr

Politicians, those who profit from the present situation, and extremists will probably oppose this idea. However, quality of life is an experience that is perceived as a whole. A person cannot live happily in an environment where everyone else is immersed in misery and poverty. People who benefit from the current situation should understand that […]

Could direct democracy be abused from sp...

Special interest groups are influencing the government much more today than they would be in a direct democracy, by lobbying the government and giving money to the politicians to promote their interests and secure their future prosperity. In a direct democracy, this would not happen, as lobbyists cannot pay the millions of people to change […]

Wont’s this system slow down progress?

Some people believe that it is easier to reach a consensus among a small group of elected officials than to find a consensus among a population, therefore a direct democracy would slow down progress. In a direct democracy, the sensitivity in detecting issues and responding to them is greater the more citizens participate. Every idea […]

What about people who don’t know how to

Different access points will help those who want to participate but lack the knowledge, and provide education and support. Peer and communal collaboration will be actively encouraged. Through its simplistic approach anyone who is be able to to read and write will be able through a quick guided intervention to acquire the basic skills needed […]