This system is a change, and every change should be slow and planned; through a gradual transition, along with proper education, people would not only be capable to decide, but the richness and the multitude of ideas would be far greater than those of a few hundred individuals in most countries.

People are diverse in a population and this is not an obstacle; on the contrary, this diversity enriches the opinions that contribute to the solution of issues that arise. Moreover, issues like state budget allocation, technical, or proposals complex in nature that makes it very difficult for inexperienced citizens to design legislation, will obtain joint stands and proposals from university boards, laboratories or research centers. Proposals will be selected based on their quality and not on who wrote them.

Education today is better than ever before, people are more inclined to argue with their representatives, and their awareness of the world’s situation is far wider due to the internet and the media. We have grown up as a society and it is high time we took decisions for ourselves.