The Democracy Foundation

The Democracy Foundation is an internet project dedicated to the research and design of innovative and advanced methods of decision-making, and to their implementation via the development of free and open-source instruments and resources.


The decisions that define our future are not made by us. Due to restrictions in proximity, lack of time and space, or poor organization, we are forced to assign the decision-making of our societies to one or a small group of individuals. However, legislators and representatives are also constrained by time, location, and space, with only a few able to take part in decision-making at a time, and that by itself is a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Additionally, the outsourcing of our most vital power, the ability to collectively decide the future of our societies, results in major problems with corruption, manipulation, and exploitation, as well as depriving us of the enormous potential of utilizing the multitude of minds in our society to detect issues and crowdsource solutions.


Technology has provided us with an unprecedented ability of rapid information processing and both real-time and asynchronous connectedness which renders collaboration among large populations feasible. Our endeavor is to enable individuals to participate in the decision-making process of their societies and communities in ways that will evolve our current potential and accelerate progress to a degree previously unattainable.

To achieve that, we are developing instruments that assess popular will through innovative and advanced methods, in contrast to today’s primitive and restrictive tools. Not only do we aspire to liberate people from having to rely on representatives, but we focus on evolving the decision-making process to be more efficient and engaging, resulting in superior quality, and representation.


We invite interested individuals to join us in the creation of instruments to evolve the ways our societies make decisions. Come and learn more about our journey, and participate in the conversation with your ideas.

Leo von Klenze – View of the Valhalla near Regensburg