Epitome is a direct democracy online platform for societies of every demand or size. It enables the full and non-exclusive participation of citizens and members through an appealing and rich design. Rather than top-down, government controlled referendums, Epitome is a responsive system in which the individual proposals are subjected to peer evaluation and cultivation along with other proposals, each through their own group of creators and supporters building and improving them.

Epitome is not a closed and final product, but a collection of numerous, out-of-the-box options and systems for societies and communities to customize to their accord. All the features in this system and all its subsystems are optional and configurable and can be activated or deactivated as decided by the people.

Epitome is and will always be free and open source. Anyone can review and contribute in the development. Contribution is a fundamental democratic right, in which, we deeply believe in. In addition, reviewing the code is critical for transparency and security.

You can take a look at the projected roadmap of Epitome.

The Core Characteristics:

    • Accessibility. Epitome is designed to provide means of participation for people with special needs.

    • Adaptability. Epitome continuously scales and adapts according to the population size initially implemented and automatically adjusts through time in line with the changes in the factors of the society.

    • Democracy. Epitome can function as a complete direct democracy platform without the need of representatives or delegates. Additional option for proxy (delegate) voting, polls and top-down management are provided as well.

    • Flexibility. Every part and system included in Epitome is configurable not only upon its installation, but its settings can be put under referendum for the population to decide.

    • Inclusiveness. Everyone can use it provided that the community rules are followed. In this system the focus lies more in the quality of the ideas and less in the individuals behind them.

    • Innovation. Systems and instruments provided in the platform are built to enable the smooth transition of nations, by including ground-breaking components which promote the democratic ideology.

    • Liberation. Epitome is libre software; free as in free speech.

    • Openness. The open source nature of this platform allows it to be built by everyone, for everyone; in a sense, a Democracy in practice.

    • Resilience. Abuse such as propaganda, spam, explicit language, bribing, selling of vote’s etc is filtered out by peer evaluation.

    • Security. The verification system provides an innovative and secure way to validate votes which greatly impedes system penetration through feedback, statistical analysis and surveying.

    • Versatility. Countries, universities, corporations, unions and in general any form of community can use Epitome as their decision making tool with a multitude of options.

Epitome is in developmental stage and it will be released along with its source code in due time.

You can see the full presentation of Epitome here as submitted for the 6th International Conference on e-Democracy.

Frederic Edwin Church - Cotopaxi

Frederic Edwin Church – Cotopaxi